My beautiful Kids

My beautiful Kids

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moving Sucks!

Yes, moving sucks. Packing, cleaning, more packing, loading; none of it is fun! I have concluded at least one thing from our recent packing experience- we have too much crap! Yup, our young family has 19,000 lbs worth of household crap! Anyway, the act of moving is not the only thing that sucks. Starting over is not always fun when you are perfectly content where you are. This is really the first time that I am not more excited about what lies ahead than sad of what I'm leaving behind. Does that make sense? The words are not coming to me but all I know is that I have an amazing group of friends in New Jersey that I don't want to leave! Friends that are up for just about anything I can come up with and who will also put up with my energetic crazy kids! I am looking forward to new experiences in Florida and taking advantage of DisneyWorld being so close and chances are good that we will make new friends. Plus, the best thing about good friends is that you don't have to live in the same place to maintain the relationship! Enough moving talk for one day, time to enjoy sleeping kids!

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