My beautiful Kids

My beautiful Kids

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer 2013

Wow, I can't believe this summer is almost over for us. Jeremy was in Japan for the month of June so that was rough but the kids and I hung in there and still had some fun.  Addison and Zack did two weeks of VBS that they enjoyed and it helped me get a little break. Since Jeremy has been home, we have really enjoyed our summer.  Addison finally got comfortable swimming under water so both "big kids" are doing great and passed Level I swimming lessons on base. The last day of lessons they got to go down the big slide! Addison was scared and almost didn't go but I convinced her to go down with her teacher. When she did, she said it was "so fun" and wanted to go again but we were out of time! I'm proud of her for going though!
On the 19th of July, Addison got tubes in her ears for the second time.  Hopefully this is the last time she will need them. The best thing for me is that Addison wanted Jeremy to take her to the surgery! There was a time when she preferred me for everything but she has become pretty attached to Jeremy lately and I love seeing them together. I really want my girls (and boy) to have a strong relationship with their daddy and it's getting there!
Mackenzie is still super attached to me but I love her! She's the cutest two year old I know! ;-)
I think it's also safe to say she's out of diapers!! First time as a mom with a diaper-free house...5 years!
Some fun things the kids have said lately:
M: "I need help here!" She says it all the time and it cracks me up! "Addison and Zack, I'm getting my swimsuit on so don't splash!" That was a long sentence for her. One of our favorites is how she says "I'm naked!" She does a little dance now too that is hilarious.  You can do that when you're two!

A: she has mentioned more than once that she wants to marry her friend Alex in New Jersey.  She says he's so sweet and she "adores" him! She even looks up and flutters her eyelashes!! What a goof! Now I really know what people talk about when they say girls start planning their weddings young!

And now, Jeremy and I will finish watching This is 40...or at least watch a little bit more before I start falling asleep!

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