My beautiful Kids

My beautiful Kids

Friday, February 21, 2014

Checking in for 2014

December was a big month for us!  On December 7th, we got a call that we had been picked by birthparents!  I was in total shock and then called Jeremy at work to tell him!  He was in shock and at a loss for words too!  It slowly began to sink in and plans were made to meet the birthparents!  On Saturday the 28th we drove to Ft. Myers for lunch.  I was super nervous but of course Jeremy was relaxed!  We met at Edison Restaurant with our case worker as well as the pregnancy counselor.  It was very empty and we had a corner to ourselves to chat.  Lunch lasted about two hours and went really well!
Baby girl's due date was January 23rd so it was much to our surprise when we found out B was in labor on January 1st!!  Hailey arrived on Thursday, January 2nd as we were at the Navy Exchange loading up on baby girl necessities!  Friday afternoon we drove to Ft. Myers to spend the evening and anxiously await the time we got to pick up our baby!  Saturday morning (the 4th) we headed to the hospital.  The paperwork was signed and now it was our turn!  What could have been weird, really wasn't.  The birthparents welcomed us (all of us) and introduced us to the newest member of our family!   She weighed 6 lb 5 oz and was so tiny!  I couldn't believe how skinny her arms and legs were.
It was very strange to show up at the hospital and leave with a baby but we did and then drove straight to Reddington Beach for a week long vacation with my whole family!  Vacation with a newborn?  Why not?  It was actually great that my family got to meet Hailey because who knows when they would have been able to otherwise!

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